Add a unique appeal to your home’s design with custom crown molding that adds personality to your walls and ceilings. Designing your own crown molding gives you a distinctive input toward the architectural features that go inside your home. This guide gives you just the inspiration you need to find something really great.
Early American Molding
Add just a hint of aesthetic appeal to your walls with a simple, yet elegant Early American molding. The slight addition bumps up the visual appeal of the walls and even provides the illusion of more space. Once you add a feature like this to your home, you will forget what it ever looked like without it.

Colonial Revival
If you prefer crisp, clean looks, you might prefer molding that fits more into the Colonial Revival category. Although this style of molding is very subtle, it offers huge improvements in a room’s overall décor. Add it to a cottage-style décor to complete the décor and create a really pristine interior design.

Greek Revival
Inspired by ancient Greek architecture, this molding style is simple, classic, and beautiful. Add it to the top of white walls for a small visual variation or to the top of a different-colored wall to bring a big visual contrast. Greek revival is one of the most popular molding styles because it brings a unique aesthetic to an otherwise average home.

Federal Crown Molding
Bring an old-fashioned appeal to your home with some federal crown molding. This distinguished look brings back feelings of happier times and adds a lot to your home’s décor.

Whichever way you want to go with your molding, Black Millwork Co. is here to help. Since 1938, our family-owned business has provides some of the most beautiful custom molding and quality building products in all of New York. To learn more about our selection of wood and mahogany crown molding options, visit us online or call (201) 425-0565.

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